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    July 12, 2018

July 12, 2018


2018 – A New Era

Technology is advancing at an even faster rate than we expected

Business Trends

Its an alarming proposition as the pace at which the technological changes are happening is far ahead than what we were expecting as today’s managers, if we do not keep up with the directions, then our organizations could be in deep trouble

Our orientations towards solutions have to be cutting-edge and our employers expect us to be far better than the people, from whom we have taken the positions. Workers will have to be ‘street-smart’ to deliver solutions that are in line with the corporates’ expectations and hence offer higher value in the market place which is termed in marketing as ‘Value- Add’

Following the right trends is an skill in itself and the managers of today are adept at undertaking this very effectively. The moot question is that are we following the engaging directions or just shooting in the wilderness? A growth in your career is decided by the decisions that is taken by you and your awareness of the trends. Which ones will move your career forward? If you’re conscientious or ambitious, these questions are a struggle to answer.

To reach your destination, the path is as important as the place that your reach. Your ambitions and your aspirations are critical in your career path

Is this where I start?

What are the upcoming top business trends for 2018? If this information is known, then the decisions that you would take will be in line with them.

  • Enhanced (Augmented) Intelligence – AI

Augmented intelligence is more than AI. Its the true combination of man and machine. The use of Augmented Intelligence is not limited to any particular industry, but has applications across various domains

  • Transportation: There is significant demand for the trending cars and bikes. The work force, which is involved in developing these line of machines heavily depend on AI, as it makes the manufacturing, faster and easier
  • FlightsIBM’s Watson is a trending product that tracks the flight’s schedule and if there is a change, it sends out the relevant communication to the officers, who are in-charge so that the customers, whose further schedule might be disrupted are kept informed and the needed support is provided
  • Growth HackingThrough strategic orientations, Amazon has ensured that its marketing activities are in line with the emerging trends. Pricing and product details have a very fast changing requirement. There are several factors that keep changing the pricing of products and Amazon uses AI to ensure that these are in line with the market requirements.
  • StorageSymbiotic uses Robots to streamline the distribution supply chain. Big brands like Lego and Amazon have been using AI strategies ensure that the storage of its inventory is optimal.

Enhanced (Augmented) Intelligence is here to stay. It is not a replacement for the work force, but an improvement in the efficiency or the productivity of the organization

  • Mainstreaming AI

AI is here to stay. The world leader in industry, Microsoft has mentioned that more than 500 million systems have AI installed in them. Google’s TensorFlow, Berkeley AI research’s Caffe, Apache’s Apache MXNEt, is the industry’s answer to the AI transition. Amazon created an AI friendly platform for developers to work with a variety of AI specific frameworks and services.

Artificial intelligence – An Emerging strategy

Large brands are using AI as their fulcrum of the operations. These are not one off solutions that a fly-by-night operator uses to pass a quick buck to it customers. AI is a mainstream strategy that is here to stay. An orientation of these directions is to be fully inter-twined with the operations at the manufacturing or the distribution stage and it is definitely a path in the right direction

AI is still in its infancy so job loss for most people is negligible. And it’s likely to stay that way for at least the next decade. That’s good news for most people because it means they won’t be replaced, at least until…

  • A dramatic growth through Automation

Budweiser has just made history. They’ve just delivered beer. Big deal. Isn’t that something they do every day? Absolutely. Their drivers make deliveries to stores on a daily basis. So what makes this particular delivery special or noteworthy?

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