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    Digital Marketing Trends – Part 1

    May 25, 2018

May 25, 2018

Digital Marketing Trends – Part 1

Digital Marketing Directions

Digital Marketing Trends that makes our lives easier

Digital Marketing Trends

As you hit your bed, you try to recall the events of the day which was an exciting parade of events. Just then, you realize how much of the Digital World has got into your life. It’s one part to be told that Digital Marketing is the next big thing and completely another to experience it yourself.


  • How did I wake up? Your cell phone Alarm…
  • How much time I spent on WhatsApp? Chatting…
  • Did I like something on Facebook? Poking…
  • Did I purchase anything on Amazon/Flipkart/Snapdeal? I phone…
  • Did I buy tickets (Travel/Entertainment) online? For your ‘Friend’ as well…
  • Did I check out Naukri or Times job? Updating CV…

When you did any of this, you were already on the Digital Highway. The only thing that you did not know is that someone was doing the Digital Marketing already!!

For a Digital Marketer, these actions are defining moments in his/her endeavour to reach out to you. Let’s review…

  • Waking up – Internet of Things (IOT)!!

How many of you had the fortune of listening to a chirping bird or melodious cukoo (the original one) to wake up. Well, if any of you had it – Congrats!! Or the least, your grandparents told you about those times.

Digital Marketing has brought the cukoo and the bird to your doorstep, rather to your ears. Well, if that was not enough, going ahead, be rest assured that your life is going to change for the better.

Did you know that the western world is already in the realm of IOT and some ‘hi-end’ homes in our country are already reaping the benefits of these technologies? So, what is this IOT?

Simply put, IOT, which stand for Internet of Things is a revolutionary Digital Marketing idea which ensures that all gadgets in your home can be managed remotely, which means, let’s think that you forgot to switch off your geyser, when going out for a movie

Can you go back? Yes and No. If you chose the former option, you are going to miss seeing your favourite star from the start!! Here’s where IOT comes in – All you need is to flip a switch in your cell phone and your geyser is switched off. Voila, Magic!!

How does that happen? That answer requires a separate course, but for the time being, we will limit ourselves to just enjoying the fact that our lives are going to be much easier, even if we are not able to hear the Cukoo

IOT – Who’s Next?

  • Chatting on WhatsApp – Mobile Marketing!!

Surveys claim that you are spending more time on your cell phone rather than watching the TV. Well, since that is a no brainer, it comes as no surprise that Digital Marketing has taken its interesting strategies on the mobile.

So, what is Mobile Marketing?

It’s one of the strategies that ensures that the time spent on your mobile brings about any of the three elements that is required to make your day viz. Entertainment, enlightment or Information.

It’s those key elements that you see on your Tab which you were not able to see it on your laptop or desktop, basically making it compatible for viewing on your smaller visual devices. In terms of the marketer, making the website, ‘Responsive’

 Did you play any games or check out the activities or used your banking services on your mobile? Welcome to the world of Apps. Digital Marketers need to ensure that more people like you should be able to see their Apps

That’s App Store Optimization (ASO) for you. This is ‘Googling’ on your mobile to ensure that there are more downloads and more money for the businesses run. A study says that by the end of 2017, the revenues through such activities will touch $80 bn.

To be Contd…


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