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    June 1, 2018

June 1, 2018


 Directions –  Digital Marketing

  • Chatting on Whats App – Mobile Marketing!!
Digital Marketing Trends that makes our lives easier

Digital Marketing Trends

Surveys claim that you are spending more time on your cell phone rather than watching the TV. Well, since that is a no brainer, it comes as no surprise that Digital Marketing has taken its interesting strategies on the mobile.

So, what is Mobile Marketing?

It’s one of the strategies that ensures that the time spent on your mobile brings about any of the three elements that is required to make your day viz. Entertainment, Enightment or Information.

It’s those key elements that you see on your Tab which you were not able to see it on your laptop or desktop, basically making it compatible for viewing on your smaller visual devices. In terms of the marketer, making the website, ‘Responsive’

Did you play Angry Birds or check out the school activities or used your banking services on your mobile? Welcome to the world of Apps. Digital Marketers need to ensure that more people like you should be able to see their Apps

That’s App Store Optimization (ASO) for you. This is ‘Googling’ on your mobile to ensure that there are more downloads and more money for the businesses run. A study says that by the end of 2017, the revenues through such activities will touch $80 bn.

  • Poking on FB – Social Media Marketing (SMM)!!
Social Media Marketing statistics in India

Social Media Marketing

It’s no more a fad that Social Media is the place to hang out. From top end advertisers to today’s classic home-maker, everyone is looking for a piece of action here. If the Digital Marketer does not know the story, it’s going to be long walk back home.

The picture below has already changed, but worth having in mind…

Today marketing strategies in each platform brings about its unique challenges and outlook. The canvas is so colourful that each platform has started having its own myriad of options of marketing

FB marketing is an articulated in various facets right across elements that include brand awareness, website clicks and even lead generation. So, does Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+

Given these myriads of options for a Digital Marketer, you be ready for the next onslaught of stealth marketing techniques through which you would be bombarded with marketing information about the latest trends in mobiles or dresses.

  • Using your moolah to buy your latest I Phone on Amazon – Search Engine Marketing (SEM)!!

How was the last time, you bought your dress at your favourite mall or your favourite pizza at Dominos or your favourite movie at PVR? Exciting and having a sense of fulfilment which definitely a home-based experience cannot provide.

So, what is Amazon or Flipkart up to? The question can be answered from the perspective of two strategies viz. convenience and a different target market. Over the last one year, just think through how many times have you picked up a movie DVD from Amazon?

SEM is at the forefront of this action, which in layman terms, it means that when you do a Google search for any product or service and you see those eye-catching Ads displayed on your screens or the website that you want as the first site to be displayed with an ‘Ad’ symbol.

  • Booking the ticket for your favorite movie (Maybe your ‘Friend” along with that) – Email Marketing!!

Did your day end without getting a promotion for the movie that you wanted to see? If that is the case, then the Digital Marketer next door has missed out an important trick that was up his/her sleeve!!

Today, getting into your inbox is much easier than the earlier days. Have you ever been offered free E Books or subscriptions or advice? Well that was start of ‘Opt-In’ Email marketing strategies

Side Bars, Headers, Content Upgrades are some key directions that your Digital Marketer today is using to get into your mail box and that’s no more intrusive and for Digital Marketing companies that provide the highest ROI of close to 1:40!!

  • Updating your CV – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!!

Well, today will not be the last of days when you updated your CV on the most sought-after job search portal. If that’s not the case, why will not the Digital Marketers take efforts to ensure that your search gets them to the webs

Search Engine Marketing Vs Search Engine Optimization - SEM Vs. SEO

Search Engine Marketing Vs Search Engine Optimization – SEM Vs. SEO

ite directly


In Digital Marketing terms, this is called as Organic Search. A picture is worth 1000 words. A snapshot of what is the difference?

To conclude, you can clearly see that Digital Marketing is here to stay and stay for the good!!

It’s never too late to start your Digital Marketing journey



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