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    June 6, 2018

June 6, 2018


Printing Services – Outsourced

Managed Print Services (MPS) program leads to a savings of up to 30%

Smart MPS

For organizations that have a fleet of laser printers and copiers, managing them effectively can be a significant challenge. Keeping track of copiers, supplies stocks, handling support calls, and managing proper placement is a big task that can have significant time and monetary costs.

Managed Print Services (MPS) program provides not only fast, reliable service, but also comprehensive management of the most important aspects of a printer fleet, all leading to a hard savings of up to 30%.

With our Managed Print Services, you can call upon our first-rate support team in Santa Ana, San Diego, Los Angeles and Rancho Cucamonga. We’ll show you how to lower your costs while positioning you for greater productivity.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Many people don’t think about how much printing can cost them. But consider these facts

  • On average, companies spend 1-3% of their revenue on printing each year
  • Printers account for more than 50% of network traffic and as much as 60% of help desk calls
  • Each filed/stored document gets printed an average of 19 times
  • 20% of printed pages get lost
  • IT personnel spend about 15% of their time on printing-related issues

Advanced Office’s experienced, knowledgeable technicians can take some of the burden off your staff and help you get the most from your copiers and printers. With our Managed Print Services, you can

  • Gain a better understanding of your printing processes and expenses
  • Learn how you can lower your supply usage without sacrificing productivity
  • Extend the uptime of your devices through effective deployment
  • Make your workplace more financially and environmentally responsible

Advanced Office has offered copiers and multifunction printers, software and services for more than 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing effective document solutions to our customers’ business challenges each and every day.

By staying up-to-date on changes and innovations, we can provide the best available multifunction printers and copiers to our clients. We do more than that, though—we also help you leverage your devices for the benefit of your business.

Document Scanning Made Easier

Keeping efficiency high means eliminating as many roadblocks as possible. You need to organize your information and send it where it needs to go quickly. Advanced Office makes it nearly effortless to streamline your document-processing workflows. Our Document Scanning Solutions in Santa Ana, San Diego and Los Angeles enable you to capture data and documents from any source, index them and store them with optimal speed and dependability.

Benefits of Document Scanning Solutions

With Advanced Office’s Document Scanning Solutions, you get fewer processing errors. You can process your documents and extract data according to pre-defined rules. This cuts down mistakes that can occur when you process documents manually.

Manage Print Jobs Better in Your Workplace

To get the most from your company’s laser printerscopiers and other products, you need to ensure that they’re used effectively. You need the ability to regulate print jobs so that your supplies aren’t wasted and your devices don’t break down from excessive use. Also, you must make sure that the information on your printed documents doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Advanced Office’s Output Management solutions make it easy for you to accomplish all of the above. With them, you can

  • Keep your budget under control
  • Ensure your copiers and printers’ continued productivity
  • Improve the security of your documents
  • Encourage responsibility in your workplace
Benefits of Output Management Solutions

Advanced Office’s Output Management solutions enable you to:

  • Set up print quotas for individual users, groups and departments
  • Require audit trails of printing activity on all of your copiers and devices
  • Use digital signatures and watermarking to track documents better
  • Route print jobs to the most effective copiers and devices
  • Prevent devices from printing sensitive documents until an authorized user can get them

Flexible, Easy Integration

Our document scanning solutions integrate easily with our multifunction copiers and scanners, as well as your backend software, allowing you to store and distribute your captured documents with minimal effort.

Mobile Options

Document Scanning also allows you to capture information from your smartphone, including

  • Bar codes
  • Signatures
  • Photos
  • Documents

You’ll be able to send files through your company’s workflows while on the go. Your data will be encrypted and transmitted securely to ensure to protect your sensitive information. You’ll also have the ability to access and print your documents directly to your multifunction printers and office copiers from your mobile device.

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